Oversight Provided by US Monitoring Inc


Intraoperative neuromonitoring utilizes an array of complicated neurophysiological tests to ensure patient safety and multiple neurophysiological societies state that an appropriately trained doctor is expected to interpret those data generated during surgical procedures.  This role is filled by an overseeing board certified Neurologist who interprets these tests in real-time throughout surgical procedures and provides immediate feedback regarding the status of the patient’s nervous system to the surgeon.  This neurologist is in constant communication with the technologist in the OR and is able to communicate with the surgeon at any point.  Continuous, expert physician interpretation allows optimal and timely intervention to ensure the prevention of patient injuries.  


Our board certified neurologists oversee the interpretation of cEEG in the ICU and provide a detailed report with each 24 hours of monitoring.  For quick patient management they are consulted by the NMT staff when clinical intervention in the ICU is required.  They work directly with the nursing staff, intensivists, physicians and other designated clinical staff for the interpretation of brain function for maximum patient care.